Final Flight?

Hopefully Paymon, every coach in Europe will be asking those very same questions this coming year. Even Heynckes has to figure it out week to week during the season. But, I wouldn’t worry about it, because this team already has so much talent. And, despite the Robben flare ups, I think they’ve come together as a team over 2 challenging years. I don’t think anyone will mind being rested for 15 min. here, or 20 min. there.

With Kroos getting back in the act as a versatile sub, we have 4 players in 1. And, we could have Gustavo on the bench along with Klose and Olic, or Peterson. Then with Badsuber, or DvB, and maybe Vidal and Pranjic, we have plenty of “first team” players getting time in every other game, or something. None of them are like for like, but they all are well schooled in tactics (one thing we can actually thank LvG for, maybe). It should be to our advantage Check This Out .

And, I don’t think there is anything fancy about how to play Klose when Gomez is on form. After Gomez scores his second goal, or around 70-80 min., maybe earlier depending on the game and schedule, you take him out and put Klose in. Gomez gets the applause, which he loves, obviously, and Klose gets to run around and maybe get a goal himself. Maybe start Klose for the odd CL game or Pokal Cup. I don’t think Klose would mind that. We could also rest Robben, move Mueller out and put Klose in Mueller’s spot. He should have scored a goal from that position in the last game. All kinds of good possibilities browse around here .

Basically, I’m just talking about Luke’s 3 points above… and leaving Olic and Peterson as a big question marks. I don’t think Klose will start, but he’ll be great as a sub. He was basically a sub 2 yrs. ago and he still started at the WC and scored goals. And, if I’m not mistaken, Heynckes was a similar type of player as Klose and scored a fair amount of goals himself. I think he will know how to get something good out of all of them next season.
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